About Us

Love For Myanmar (formerly The Burma Connection) is a nonprofit 501 (c)(3) humanitarian aid organization that provides comprehensive aid, support, and programs to the people of Myanmar. We got our start in 2004 when we first visited the country of Myanmar as tourists.   During this visit we fell in love with the people, and better understood their issues.  As a result, we wanted to help, and that began our ministry. 

We started by leading mission teams into the country and by supporting and working with orphaned children.  In 2008, we formed The Burma Connection to better provide assistance to a people group the rest of the world seemed to have forgotten. Since then, the organization has grown to include a working board, volunteers, interns, and a small staff who all share the original passion for serving the people of Myanmar.  To better describe who we are, in 2013 we changed our name to Love For Myanmar. 

During the last 12 years, we have been involved in a variety of projects with the people of Myanmar: 1) providing food, clothing, shelter, education, and medical supplies to abandoned and orphaned children; 2) participating in the delivery of vocational training programs for the older children in such skill areas as sewing and technology; 3) initiating and enhancing small business opportunities through a small loans program among the villages; 4) developing neighborhood Christian Learning Centers in the poorest sections of the city of Yangon where education is treasured, but beyond the financial reach of the vast majority of the people, and 5) helping resettle refugees from Myanmar to the Austin, Texas area. We continue to grow and change our projects based on the most pressing needs of the people and our ability to mobilize resources inside the country. Our latest undertaking includes the acquisition of 15 acres of undeveloped land in Myanmar that we plan to develop into a compound including a school, an orphanage, lodging for volunteers/mission teams, and crop cultivation. 

LFM has a deep love and respect for the people of Myanmar as well as experience operating within the country. It is our desire to use the best of our knowledge and skills to help bring about positive change in the lives of the people of Myanmar. We hope to continue our work for many years to come.