Mawlamyine, capital of the Mon State, is one of our key ministry areas, and the site of where Adoniram Judson built his church. Each of the mission teams we bring into Myanmar are taken to Adoniram Judson’s church and his remarkable story told of suffering to accomplish the purpose of spreading the gospel.

Adoniram Judson (1788–1850) has been referred to as the “Father of the American missionary movement” as well as the “Apostle of the love of Christ in Burma”. Adoniram spent almost forty years in Burma, which is now the country of Myanmar. During his ministry, he helped lead countless Myanmar people to the saving faith in Jesus Christ, translated the Bible and other Christian writings into Burmese, wrote numerous booklets and tracts on a variety of theological topics, and encouraged Baptists in America to unite for the sake of global missions.

Judson and his first wife, Ann, arrived in Yangon on July 13, 1813. The early years of their ministry were devoted to mastering the Burmese language which culminated in giving his first public sermon on April 4, 1819. On June 27 of that year, after almost seven years in Burma, he baptized Moung Hau, his first Burmese convert. Adoniram would live to see about 7,000 people baptized and 63 congregations established in Burma by the time of his death in 1850. Today, the Myanmar Baptist Convention which owes its origin to the pioneering ministry of Adoniram Judson, claims more than 1.7 million members in over 5,300 churches.

It is clear from Adoniram Judson’s exemplary missionary life that obediently sharing the gospel will involve personal suffering which serves as the root for trusting in God’s goodness and judgement. What a privilege to have our hearts for mission and the Myanmar people bound up with such a lover of God as Adoniram Judson.


Love for Myanmar (LFM) is a nonprofit 501(c)(3) humanitarian aid organization that provides comprehensive aid, support, and programs to the people of Myanmar. The organization started in 2004 when Reed and Glenna Iwami first visited the country of Myanmar as tourists. Their children, Dan and Holli Lancaster, had moved to Myanmar with four children to share God’s love with the Burmese people.

During their visit, Reed and Glenna fell in love with the people and became aware of the many challenges facing the Burmese people. Hearts broken by what they saw, Reed and Glenna talked on the plane on their way home and decided to help the Burmese people.


Love for Myanmar started by leading mission teams into the country to encourage orphaned children. First called “The Burma Connection,” the ministry began in 2008 to aid a people group the rest of the world had forgotten. Since then, the organization has grown to include a working board, volunteers, and a small staff who all share a passion for serving the people of Myanmar. The Board changed the name of the organization to Love for Myanmar in 2013 to better communicate its mission.


LFM continues to grow and change our projects based on the most pressing needs of the people and our capacity to mobilize resources inside the country. We have bought 15 acres of undeveloped land in Myanmar which offers various promising possibilities.

LFM has a deep love and respect for the people of Myanmar as well as experience working within the country. We want to use our knowledge and skills to help bring positive change for the people of Myanmar. We hope to continue our work for many years to come.