Our Organization

Love for Myanmar operates with a staff in the United States and a staff in Myanmar. A Board of concerned and passionate people give the work stability and wisdom. Groups of volunteers help with the Burmese work in America (mainly through the Austin Karen Baptist Church) and the work in Myanmar (chiefly through mission trips and training events.)

Board of Directors

A diverse group of individuals with different experiences and leadership roles in business, government, nonprofit organizations, and churches comprise the Love for Myanmar Board of Directors.

Gary Watkins | President, Co-Founder
Dave Coburn | Vice President
Lweena Tun | Secretary
Reed Iwami | Treasurer, Co-Founder
Pastor Dan Wooldridge | Board Member
Julie Christianson | Board Member

Staff in Myanmar

Gilbert David | Director of Myanmar Ministries
Elisha Sanga | Neighborhood Learning Centers Director
Saw Hay Thaw | Director of Eastern Myanmar Ministries
Christine Cornelius | Leprosy Hospital Chaplain
Ruby David | Trauma Healing Coordinator

Staff in America

Gary Watkins | Children’s Homes, Leprosy Hospital, Trauma Healing
Reed Iwami | Mission Trips, Stewardship, Business Development
Carolyn Watkins | Karen Church Coordinator
Kim Heacock I Karen Church Children’s Teacher
Glenna Iwami | Mission Team Trip Coordinator
Sherry Crockett | Pharmaceutical Services Advisor
Dr. Bill Greiser | Medical Services Advisor