Trauma Healing

People suffering from trauma are everywhere in Myanmar. Most Burmese people believe talking about their problems increases negative karma. So, they suffer in silence. Horrific experiences remain locked in their hearts and mind.

Love for Myanmar has partnered with the Trauma Healing Institute of the American Bible Society to equip our staff and volunteers with the critical skills necessary to address trauma-related events among those to whom we minister.

The LFM Leprosy Hospital Chaplain received trauma healing training. As a result, our Chaplain can counsel patients with their unique sense of loneliness. She helps members of their families without the disease to cope with its impact on their lives and supports the hospital staff as they minister to the cruelties of this relentless disease.

Our children’s homes also benefit from trauma healing training. Each home director receives trauma healing training to prepare them to deal with the difficult issues their children have faced. Trauma incidents range from children whose parent committed suicide, to children witnessing domestic abuse, to children watching firsthand the horrors of war. Several children saw their homes burned down, family taken as porters, and relatives murdered. All need compassionate help and understanding.