The combination of the pandemic and military coup in Myanmar has created an economic crisis resulting in millions of lost jobs and the inability to afford basic food supplies. The United Nations is forecasting nearly half of Myanmar’s 54 million people will be driven into poverty by the end of 2021. Already, 6.2 million people are faced with food insecurity and within our ministry areas there are people pawning their clothes and other valuables in order to survive.

We must have an unlimited certainty that God answers prayers. We must believe that once God presents us with a need, it is an absolute certainty, not an impossibility, it is achievable…. Learn more

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Children’s Homes

Love for Myanmar is involved in the humanitarian support of an estimated 150 children in five children’s homes located in Yangon, Myanmar. Some children have parents, but they are prisoners or battling disease. Some have one parent whose partner passed away leaving several young children. Some have no one. The combination of unfortunate family circumstances is saddening. Learn more

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House Church Discipleship Training

We are not about church planting. It is not about buildings. We are about discipleship training through a network of house churches–gathering with a purpose to know and grow in Christ. Learn more

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Leprosy Hospital

Myanmar remains one of a handful of countries to be detecting thousands of new leprosy cases a year. Most of these cases involve patients from rural villages who simply are unfamiliar with the symptoms. They have minimal access to local health clinics which causes unfortunate delays in treatment.

Since 2014, Love for Myanmar has partnered with … Learn more

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Neighborhood Learning Centers

There is a high value placed on education in Myanmar. However, the education system has long been stagnant, suffering from a critical lack of resources and skills. When we started our ministry in 2005, families had to pay an annual education fee, buy school uniforms and school supplies to attend school. As a result, Myanmar families could not afford to educate their children.

Those that could afford to send their children to school … Learn more

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Trauma Healing

People suffering from trauma are everywhere in Myanmar. Most Burmese people believe talking about their problems increases negative karma. So, they suffer in silence. Horrific experiences remain locked in their hearts and mind.

Love for Myanmar has partnered with the Trauma Healing Institute of the American Bible Society to equip our staff and volunteers with the critical skills necessary to address trauma-related events among those to whom we minister. Learn more

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Austin Karen Baptist Church

After visiting a Karen refugee camp in Thailand and sponsoring a Karen family’s move to the United States, Love for Myanmar became involved with Karen refugees already resettled in the Austin, Texas. Among the first goals was to help them find a place to exercise their new freedom of worship.

Formed under the organizational umbrella of the Baptist General Convention of Texas, administered by the Austin Baptist Association, and mentored by the Crestview Baptist Church of Georgetown and the Austin Baptist Church, … Learn more

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