Mission Insights

We are excited to share the stories of our Burmese brothers and sisters in Christ. This blog also explores different mission topics in a fresh and relevant way.

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Sai May Lin

Sai May Lin (name has been changed) Life was a struggle but manageable. Her husband could usually find work in the patty fields or as a gardener...

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Mu Nwe

Mu Nwe (name has been changed) Three girls, three daughters, three sisters– close in ages, close in interests, close in relationships. She...

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Lian Htang

Lian Htang (name has been changed) He is in the middle of six siblings situated in an ordinary Myanmar family contending with a multitude of...

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Ko Oo

Ko Oo (name has been changed) A couple of friends were walking to work in Myanmar. That day, they were running late so they decided to take a...

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Ezara Htun

Ezara Htun (name has been changed) From sunrise to sunset, he labors in the quarry. It is crippling him but, with no education, options are...

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Kyay Sandar

Kyay Sandar (name has been changed) She had been a Buddhist her entire life of 39 years. But she had a curiosity about Christianity resulting from...

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Kham Say Tin

Kham Say Tin (name has been changed) Their village was under an unexpected attack. Friends, neighbors, relatives were scrambling for the cover of...

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Myo Htoo

Myo Htoo (name has been changed) As high school football players go, he was small although well-built with a heat-seeking, hitting mentality which...

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Aung Kyui and Paw Po Gey

Aung Kyui and Paw Po Gey (names has been changed) They heard through the Karen refugee community grapevine that a certain professional accountant...

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Win Yaw Thang

Win Yaw Thang’s story (name has been changed) Imagine the fear going through Win Yaw Thang’s mind as he was handcuffed, placed in an Austin police...

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