Children’s Homes

Love for Myanmar is involved in the humanitarian support of an estimated 150 children in five children’s homes located in Yangon, Myanmar. Some children have parents, but they are prisoners or battling disease. Some have one parent whose partner passed away leaving several young children. Some have no one. The combination of unfortunate family circumstances is saddening.

It is difficult to know fully each child’s story beyond a doubt. How they arrived at our door isn’t as important as their needs when they come. We do not base our care for them on their difficult past, but on giving them a promising future.

Love for Myanmar is not only trying to position these children with life skills to transition successfully into adulthood but, where feasible, reunite children with their birth families. There are many reasons children become separated from their original families– abuse, divorce, education, natural disasters, poverty, war. “Keeping Families Together” is an important feature of our ministry.