Blessed And Giving (BAG Program)

“You only believe what you put into practice.”

Purpose: The combination of the pandemic and military coup in Myanmar has created an economic crisis resulting in millions of lost jobs and escalating food prices placing an estimated 14 million people in need of humanitarian aid.

Where: The metropolitan areas of Yangon and Mawlamyine as well as the rural areas of the Karen State and Tanintharyi Division in Eastern and Southern Myanmar and the mountainous Chin State.

When: As a result of airstrikes, artillery shelling, and the burning of villages, the United Nations estimates over 2 million people have been displaced from their homes and now living in caves, jungles, and along river banks. Already, some people are pawning clothing and other valuables in order to survive. The need is immediate!

By Whom: Love for Myanmar in-country, native staff and volunteers

For How Many: 3,200 people within our house church network, 525 people within our five orphanages and neighborhoods, 400 people within the leprosy hospital and villages we minister, and 110 people within the area of our learning center representing an estimated total of 1,058 families

Budget: One bag of food supplies cost $42 and typically consists of rice, cooking oil, and vegetables designed for a family of four expected to last approximately one month. Medicines, sleeping mats, mosquito nets, blankets, and other basic survival items are included in the distribution when circumstances allow.

“It is good to be blessed. It is better to be a blessing.”

Gary Watkins, Co-founder,,
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Georgetown, Texas 78633-5610.

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