The Karen people from Myanmar are one of 135 different ethnic groups in Myanmar.  They for the most part reside in the Karen State which is adjacent to the country of Thailand.  Approximately 30% of the Karen population are Christians.

As a result of conflicts with the military junta who ruled Myanmar, it is estimated that up to 200,000 Karen have been driven from their homes during decades of war into 10 refugee camps on the Thailand/Myanmar border.  These refugee camps have no running water or electricity and are placed in remote sections of Thailand.  Many refugees in the camp have been there for over 10 years.

Karen refugees coming to the United States have very little, some donated clothes and a small amount of money.  Since they speak very little or no English they need help enrolling their children in school, going to medical clinics, filling out an endless number of applications, and finding jobs.  At the same time, since a great number of them arriving in our area are Christians, we helped them start the Austin Karen Baptist Church.   

Currently, Love For Myanmar is working with the Karen refugees in Austin, Texas.  We also work with other cities in Texas where Karen refugees are resettling.  If you would like to help these refugees adjust to the culture of the United States, please contact us. It could be a rewarding ministry at your back door.