LFM News Service 4-19-19

Myanmar’s First Christian Missionary Dies at Sea
Adoniram Judson, the American missionary who first promoted Christianity in Myanmar, died 169 years ago. Affectionately known as Saya Judson, he is remembered as Myanmar’s most significant missionary.  Read More

Myanmar leader pardons 9,500 prisoners but not 2 reporters
More than 9,500 prisoners were ordered released Wednesday in Myanmar under a presidential amnesty, but they did not include two Pulitzer Prize-winning Reuters reporters.  Read More

China devours Asia’s wildlife
There is a monster chewing its way through the wildlife of its smaller, weaker Southeast Asian neighbours. The monster can change forms – like a shape-shifter – but it goes by one name: China. The region’s wildlife is rapidly disappearing, being sucked into the vortex of the illegal wildlife trade that leads to China.  Read More

Once Again, Myanmar’s Media in the Cross Hairs
Like never before, Myanmar’s media are under serious threat. Private and independent news outlets and their journalists have been receiving death threats since last week for their coverage of the fighting between government troops and the Arakan Army (AA), an ethnic Arakanese armed rebel group seeking greater autonomy in Rakhine State.  Read More

Authorities Vow Probe as Ivory Coast Destroys ‘Unfit’ Myanmar Rice Shipment
The country’s rice industry received bad news this week when it came out that officials in Ivory Coast had destroyed 18,000 tons of rice from Myanmar on Wednesday. The Ministry of Commerce and the Myanmar Rice Federation (MRF) said they would investigate the incident and publicize the results soon.  Read More

‘Masters of our destiny’: Myanmar’s Wa rebels in show of force
It has a standing army of 25,000, manufactures its own guns and conscripts at least one member of each household — meet the United Wa State Army: Communist, reclusive, China-backed rebels determined to protect their supremacy over Myanmar’s badland border zone.  Read More

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