LFM News Service 5-3-19

Gangs taking control of Bangladesh refugee camps, report warns
Criminal gangs and militants are increasing their grip on Rohingya refugee camps in Bangladesh, committing killings and abductions with "impunity", International Crisis Group said in a new report Thursday.  Read More

Myanmar suffers record-breaking pre-monsoon heat
Yangon, the commercial capital of Myanmar, recorded 42 degrees C. or 108 degrees F. on Friday. According to records retrieved from archives held by the Deutscher Wetterdienst, this was a new record for the city.  Read More

630,000 Without Adequate Potable Water as Summer Temps Soar
Ten of 14 regions and states are currently suffering from shortages of drinking water due to rising summer temperatures, according to the Rural Water Supply Department of the Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock and Irrigation. Read More

Justice elusive for victims of abuses, says US religious freedom report
Victims of severe human rights and religious freedom violations in Myanmar have “little hope for justice”, says the annual report of a United States government advisory commission.  Read More

Overall Corruption Situation Has Not Improved, Anti-Graft Chief Says
Despite the strenuous efforts that have been made to fight corruption, the practice remains rampant in the country, Anti-Corruption Commission chairman U Aung Kyi said.  Read More

Military Extends Ceasefire in Kachin, Shan for 2 Months
The Myanmar military on Tuesday extended its unilateral ceasefire in five regional commands in Kachin and Shan states for two months on Tuesday, with restive Rakhine State remaining exempt from the truce.  Read More

Thanaka: Myanmar's ancient beauty secret
For thousands of years, people in Myanmar have been using thanaka to protect and care for their skin. But this ancient beauty habit is changing as the country opens up and modern make-up has become more available.  See More

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