In God’s Timing

A report from Love For Myanmar’s, Elisha Sanga. Elisha is LFM’s Neighborhood Learning Center Coordinator. He and his wife, Christina started the school about ten years ago following their graduation from seminary. This is a place in the slums of Yangon where Buddhist children, with the permission of their parents, are provided a free education while also being taught Christian values and beliefs.

Dear friends,

We praise God for His faithful provision through Love For Myanmar that we may be able to continue the work that set before us in this new year.

Our investment and all our affort is that the whole society might be influenced through the Neighborhood School Children. Visible church is not yet seen but we believe God will surely build there oneday. So, for this reason the children are trained up with Christian education.

In 2015, Satan worked very hard to destroyed the work of God, Me Me Aung whom we baptized base on her confession of faith in Christ and whom we train for the teacher was brought away to Naypidaw the new capital city of Myanmar by her family. But December last month, she has a holiday and come back and shared with us her testimony that  she has regular prayer and Bible reading and her parents could not force to worship idol anymore. We prayed for her and encouraged her to stand strong with the word of God. Next year we plan to let her go to Bible School. Beside, at the time, the main person was taken away, some of the children were not sent anymore to the school by their parents for teaching the Word of God, but till the end of the year 10 children could regular and their parents are still standing strongly with us for they know forsure that their children are well trained in so many ways.

Please continue to pray with us. By His grace at present, we have no problen but the house owner want to sell the school house building and move their whole family to Naypidaw. The present teachers’ family would like to be fulltime missionary there. God is able.  For instant if the school is no more available, we can move to the church area and since the church building is our own, it will be more easier to apply permission for private primary school. But the problem again is if we can not buy a car, it will not be easy to bring them to the church always. So, we have to pray alot that God might lead us in His way and will.

Our prayer is that all who involve in this ministry might be more used by God and all to be accountiblity in His sight.

In Christ,

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