All About YOU

YOU are our network! There is a lot going on these days in the social media world. From blogs to hashtags to tweets we are inundated with the everyday happenings of the people around us. Do not be fooled by these little virtual worlds that are being created online, there is life behind the computer screen! IT IS YOU! You are the driving force of social media. You are the voice that your friends and family and colleagues find interesting and witty and worth listening to. You are the reason Love For Myanmar is a success and you will be the reason we can continue to grow and change lives for the people of Myanmar everyday in meaningful ways.

As we head into 2014, we urgently need you and all your social networking prowess to keep doing what you’re doing and sharing, liking, posting, tagging, and following LFM. It is as easy as getting online (which I know you are already doing!) and beginning to integrate LFM into your social network. That might mean sharing a particularly interesting Facebook post on your wall, adding #LFM or #loveformyanmar to your pictures involving LFM, emailing us and asking questions about what you can do or be praying for, or even just telling people you know about Myanmar and the people we serve there. We want ‘Myanmar’ to be on peoples minds and hearts in 2014 and we can not do it without you!

You are our network… and you make all the difference in the world!


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