Aung Kyui and Paw Po Gey

Aung Kyui and Paw Po Gey (names has been changed)

They heard through the Karen refugee community grapevine that a certain professional accountant who had a “heart for refugees” was willing to handle a family’s tax filing for free as his good will contribution to the refugee’s transition to life in America.

Some of their friends had already gladly turned over their confusing paperwork to this fellow so, they did likewise. Months passed and their decision was rewarded with a sizable refund. The following year, they received an IRS notice indicating they owed over $10,000 for falsely claiming deductions for children in universities. Their children were in elementary school.

Most of the refund had been spent, the charlatan had disappeared, and the land of opportunity took on an entirely different meaning. With few volunteers, only so much can be monitored.

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