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A nah deh.

It’s a phrase in Burmese that loosely translates into ‘I feel something’. Only, this feel isn’t of the good variety. It is used to describe that uncomfortable feeling you get when other people feel bad. Or when you feel bad because you think something you have done has made people that you care about feel bad. Like maybe you have hurt their feelings or made them feel little and insignificant. It’s a hard phrase to explain to be sure.

So last week when a youth from Yangon instant messaged me and said, ‘Sister, the Love For Myanmar Face Book Page makes me feel something’ I was immediately worried. What has she read on our page that has made her feel like she has done something wrong? What are we doing wrong if we are making the youth we are trying to encourage and build up feel like they are letting us down! With panic rising in the pit of my stomach I quickly replied, ‘Sister what do you feel?’

Luckily in this instance she was using the phrase in a very childlike ‘western’ way. What she went on to describe were feelings of civic duty and interest in the future of her country. Perfect! Exactly what we at Love For Myanmar hope to inspire in the hearts of youth that we touch. A feeling that the future is theirs and that they DO in fact have a say in how it goes.

What she said was actually this:

‘Sister, I feel that we are not alone here because you (LFM) help us. As a citizen of Myanmar we have to try to improve our country, especially for the next generation.’

Well-said dear sister! We will continue to help you in every way we know how! What a good reminder that if we are but bold and courageous in all we do then mountains can be moved. We serve a God that promises just that.

BE BOLD young Christians of Myanmar and MIGHTY FORCES WILL COME TO YOUR AID.

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