Dress For Success!

Check out this snap shot of kids from one of our children’s homes trying on their brand new school uniforms. School uniforms are one of the hidden costs of education in Myanmar (of which there are many), as children must have a uniform in order to attend class. LFM purchases new school uniforms for over 100 children every year so that they have new clothes that fit them correctly to start the school year with. Last year (2013) we asked our good friends at Living Water Church to stitch them for us. Living Water Church has founded a sewing shop where they train women from the community who have no jobs to use sewing machines. They split the profit amongst themselves.

A donation of $7 will buy one child one uniform. Click here http://www.loveformyanmar.org/donatenow to make a donation today. Make sure and add the note “school uniforms” in the comment section and we will make sure that every cent goes where you intend! In fact, any time you make a donation to LFM you can tell us what project you would like your funds to be used for and we will make sure they are applied as requested!IMG_0131

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