Ezara Htun

Ezara Htun (name has been changed)

From sunrise to sunset, he labors in the quarry. It is crippling him but, with no education, options are severely limited. Periodically, his resentment of his circumstances pushes him towards seeking a quick remedy to his poverty. So, he gambles. And, he loses.

Caught in a spiraling dilemma in which the more debt you incur feeds into the need to continually risk more of your hard-earned money believing this will be the time when your circumstances will change for the better. Instead, the only thing that changes is the added strain upon your relationship with your wife and children.

Working with our trauma healing trained staff, he more clearly sees the impact his gambling is having upon the only true valuables in his life…his family, and his wife is gaining a clearer understanding of his true motivation for gambling…his family.

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