Faith Abounds

Daw Roi Taung grew up an orphan. Having no family she was forced to get work very young in a house as a servant. She had no formal education and no idea what it meant to have a family. When she grew up she got married and had children of her own, but she wanted to make sure there was a place that children like her never suffered the pain of having no family. As a result of this vision she opened an orphanage in Yangon. Every child that comes to her becomes a part of her family and she loves them as if they had always been hers. Her children grow up and move out of the orphanage but even as adults it is their home and she welcomes them back and loves them no matter how old they get. Once you are a member of her family, you never grow out of it. She continuously shows God’s grace and love through her quiet way of loving her children. She is the first to accept new children into her home when no one else wants them and radiates her faith through her actions. If you ask her what she wants most in life she will tell you it is just to have her children be successful. We at Love For Myanmar call her Faith Auntie.

Faith Auntie’s story is our story. Here at Love For Myanmar we want every man, woman, and child we interact with to see something different in us. Love. A love that is greater than any worldly trouble and lasts longer than any worldly woe. We want them to see in us a love that completely covers us and makes us whole and new again, the love of Jesus Christ. We share this by meeting real needs and helping people with every tool we’ve been given to do so; our actions, our money, our prayers, and our time. Love For Myanmar wants to make it our mission to daily love people where they are so that they may in turn see a hope that they may not have been able to see before with a faith that comes from believing they will not be forgotten or abandoned as orphans. We are just the body, but the love we share is supernatural. It surpasses human understanding and heals all wounds. Just like Aunty has a faith and passion and love that lets her help orphans have a home and a place to belong, so does Christ when we let him work in us.

Love For Myanmar wants to use this blog to help bring you real life stories and current updates on all of the new and exciting things going on in our life. There are lots of changes going on; exciting new initiatives and flexibility inside Myanmar as well as growing programs and opportunities to work with our refugee population in Austin, Texas. You can also check us out on facebook ( , twitter ( , or our website ( for more information about us! If none of those options answer the questions you have you can email us at OR message us here! Looking forward to sharing together!




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