Kyay Sandar

Kyay Sandar (name has been changed)

She had been a Buddhist her entire life of 39 years. But she had a curiosity about Christianity resulting from periodic visits by pastors, missionaries, and mission teams to her village. Usually, these occasions were just opportunities to interrupt her boring days, see some foreigners, play some games, and walk away with a trinket or two.

One day recently, she learned about a certain pastor who was coming to a church near her home. She walked the several miles to hear his message and walked home with a changed heart.

Although, her change of heart, her accepting Jesus Christ as her personal Savior had brought her an inner peace and joy, it also brought her the heartache of ridicule from her friends and the eventual forced separation from her family. Putting the pieces of her shattered life back together is a challenge our staff has undertaken with the background of their trauma healing training as a valuable resource.

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