Land Ho!


Land in Myanmar is a premium commodity. In fact owning land at all is rare. Very few citizens actually own the land they live on outright and those that do usually manage this by claiming ‘family land’ and can prove ownership generations back. Love For Myanmar started the process of looking for land a year ago at the start of 2013. It was a long process of inquiry and learning spent seeking out land that could truly belong to us as an organization that we could develop and grow.

In 2013 Love For Myanmar was able to acquire fifteen acres of undeveloped land in Myanmar. Our long term vision for this land is to develop it into a multi functional compound including and supplemental education facility, a youth learning center, dormitories for visiting volunteers/interns/mission teams, housing for long term employees, and various field crops. In February LFM founders Gary Watkins and Reed Iwami are traveling to Myanmar to begin pilot projects in the villages surrounding our land to see which of these programs/ building projects to tackle first. It is a very exciting time of growth and preparation for Love For Myanmar! We would love you to be a part of this exciting new chapter; find out how here:



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