Meet Van Hoe Lian, teacher from Myanmar

Van Hoe Lian, Neighborhood school teacherGreetings in the name of Jesus! I am Van Hoe Lian, born in March 16, 1990 in Falam Township,Chin state, Myanmar. I am teacher for Love for Myanmar neighborhood learning center. My Dad and Mom were missionaries. I have one eldest brother and two elder sisters. My Dad and Mom always teach us Bible stories and pray for us since our childhood. God has taken my father away in His bliss bosom in April 12; 2011. But, I, having a godly and prayerful mom, am very proud of her.
In every summer vacation, My Dad made us to read the Bible 6 pages every single night before we went for a sleep. He wakens up every morning 4am for devotion and family’s prayer. Sometimes my Mom would say to her husband “let the youngest boy be asleep, we can pray without him” he is still very young! However “my Dad replied no. In order to grow in their spiritual lives we need not to piety them, if we do not teach them in the way they should go from their childhood we will regret someday. Let them get up early in the morning and pray, listen to the word of God”. My Dad always invites evangelists for his children to conduct salvation camp at home. He serves God as a deacon over 15 years in a church. He sent three of his children to Bible College to study the word of God. After we graduated all, he said, I have taught you as much as I can and I have sent you to fundamental Bible College, now your Mom and I will go among the perishing souls to preach the word of God as missionaries. “You trust the lord and serve Him. He will provide all your need”. After saying those words, Dad and Mom went to Chawng Tha beach village to be full time missionaries. As committed couples, the lord blessed greatly and started a church at Phukala Island where missionary Judson puts his very first footstep in Myanmar. When they were almost ready to have a church building, God called my Dad to be with Him forever. In those days, we were in a great sorrow! But, on the one hand, we know for sure that “God never make any mistake upon our lives”. We know that we are in His perfect will. By the grace of God, my eldest brother has been able to support our schooling fees, basic need and we three of his brother and sisters become missionaries now.

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