Moving Us Ever Forward

During  their first visit to Myanmar as tourists back in 2004, Reed and Glenna Iwami experienced an awakening to the needs of the beautiful people of country.  It was then that Love For Myanmar got its start.  In this visit they fell in love with the people and learned more about their issues, their needs and the opportunities that lie before them through Jesus Christ.  In 2008 they formed the Burma Connection to better provide assistance to a people group the rest of the world seemed to have forgotten.  They started serving by leading mission teams into the country, supporting and working with orphaned children.

For over 10 years now, Love For Myanmar (formerly the Burma Connection) and the many volunteers who have served have extended themselves to provide much needed assistance  through specific projects serving people groups in-country in addition to helping resettle refugees from Myanmar to the Austin, Texas area, the home of Love For Myanmar.

Love For Myanmar has a deep love and respect for the people of Myanmar serving in many areas throughout the country.  With unparalleled experience and a commitment to make positive change for years to come, Love For Myanmar is poised to extend this legacy to generations to come.  And one of the key factors towards a successful future is people.

Volunteer passion is the strength behind this successful ministry.  Each year Love For Myanmar engages volunteers from nearly every stage in life to serve in mission to Myanmar, experiencing for themselves the incredible joy of serving others.  In addition, volunteers assist in the United States to help organize these teams, sharing information about the important work being done both in country and in the United States, as well as helping to secure necessary funds to further our efforts.

To that end, we continually ask for prayers for this ministry, prayers for strength, resources, volunteers, and platforms with which to share our incredible story.  As you read this blogpost, please share with others the opportunity to partner with us in response to the ever growing needs.  Let us know if there is a group that would like hear our story first hand.  Our website provides valuable information on how we serve, where we serve, who we serve, and where we feel the Lord moving us ever forward!

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