Myo Htoo

Myo Htoo (name has been changed)

As high school football players go, he was small although well-built with a heat-seeking, hitting mentality which not only earned him a starting linebacker’s position but, the title of team captain. His respectful character, determination in the classroom, and sportsmanship on the field drew the attention of several D-III universities. He was eventually offered a position on the football team of a highly-reputable, private, religious university.

He has switched to soccer which is more aligned with his size and skill set and doing well on the sports field. On the academic field, he has decided to pursue a degree in Criminal Justice. He is just now entering his junior year, finally beyond the required courses about which many of us pondered their relevance to our lives, and into the more enjoyable classes.

Volunteering has its fulfilling moments. Being a part of a young man’s journey from your youth class to a maturing adult preparing to meaningfully contribute to his community is an extraordinary experience.

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