Prayer Works!


As the team continues to prepare for the trip into Myanmar, it is important to recognize the spiritual preparation essential to the success of achieving God’s Will for the country as well as for the members of the team.

Please stop what you are doing, reflect upon the following requests, and share your heart with the Lord.

Your prayers can make a difference, and help transform the spiritual landscape of a country whose people are longing for answers.

Government– Despite the continuation of the longest civil war in the world, Myanmar is in the midst of transitioning to a more democratic government. Some progress has been made; however, it will take a long time to overcome decades of oppressive actions against its people. Pray for patience and forgiveness for the people towards their government, and pray for open and honest efforts from the government to restore the dignity of its people.

Economy– Corruption and mismanagement has brought this naturally, resource-rich country to its financial knees. As the country continues to open up to foreign investment, pray that these new dollars will not be siphoned off by a small elite group, but will truly be used to initiate programs for positioning families to prosper.

Churches– Myanmar is 90% Buddhist. There are many challenges facing Christianity in Myanmar. Pray that those who are Christian will unite around their shared belief in Jesus Christ, and lay aside those denominational differences and turf issues that cause division. Pray that in-depth, scriptural-based training opportunities will emerge for pastors as well as seminary students that will provide them with the theological background they need to be the confident, courageous spiritual leaders critical to Christianity’s understanding among the people of Myanmar. Pray that Christians in Myanmar will truly seek to understand Buddhism and its way of life and find ways of building goodwill among its followers that can then lead to a pathway for sharing the Christian message of hope. Pray for Buddhists who listen to God’s Word and believe in its message will be provided with the resoluteness to overcome the powerful cultural and social constraints against leaving Buddhism.

Families– Trip after trip into Myanmar, we encounter parents heartbroken from their decisions to send their children to far away cities in hopes of better lives, and the equally humbling sadness of children separated from their parents and families for reasons not yet understood. Pray that our ministry will continue to search for and surrender to God’s Will for His service to the people of Myanmar. Pray that our ministry will continue to be blessed with the resources necessary to provide programs that not only fill stomachs, but open hearts; programs that protect the abandoned while seeking the lost; programs that restore individuals’ dignity and erase their despair.

Team Members– God has said in the book of Jeremiah that He has a plan for each of us. Pray that each team member will come to know God’s plan for them. Pray that their purpose in this life will become clearer as a result of their participation in this trip to Myanmar. Pray that each team member will have the courage to recognize that God can work through their weaknesses and fulfill His plan for them if they will just set aside their fears and allow Him to direct their steps.

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