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The following letter was recently provided by Isaac Nun Hmung regarding one of his seminary students in Myanmar.  We felt it a compelling opportunity to share, allowing the  Holy Spirit to move in the hearts of readers.  If you would like to participate with response, please contact us at Love For Myanmar by clicking here.

Dear Friends,

I am so thankful to the Lord for your support in prayers and in earthly gifts for the ministry here at MEBC.  For the last 4 years your faithful participation whether in body or spirit has been a partnership which God has used to grow the seed of our ministry for His glory.  One of the greatest blessings throughout this time has been to participate directly in mediating the needs of our precious students, first spiritually then physically.

Although this has been a great privilege it has also been a worthy cross to bear.  As many of you know God has provided for us the unique honor of reaching out to the poorest of the community of saints in Myanmar. They come from rural villages where basic comforts such as reliable electricity is a scarcity.  Due to this level of poverty our students have been plagued with many tribulations including the lack of proper health care. Through conviction from the Holy Spirit we have been compelled to share what we have with them to live out the commission of Scripture to not merely serve in word but also in deed.  Therefore, God has used our work to provide for these precious crowns physical needs which they desperately need.

Recently one of our female students has been carrying a horrible wound from childhood that has disfigured her face.  Her name is Hoi Ley and when she was 3 years old a jack fruit fell on her face and caused an injury which would eventually disfigure her face.  The injury could have been easily treated if proper medical care was available to her, but due to the remote location of her village coupled with her family’s extreme poverty no care was available for her.

With no other option her family merely hoped that the wound would heal on its own. However, this left the wound to fester and eventually disfigured her upper left side of her face.  This has caused her to live in shame and despite her burden she has shown a vital faith to serve which is the reason for her attendance of our institution.

As you can imagine when I heard her story and saw with mine own eyes her condition, I was moved and felt a need to help her in her trouble. We had taken her to a doctor here in Yangon for a consultation.  They had informed me that her condition could be treated and her face restored with plastic surgery.  The estimated cost for the surgery would be about $3000.

My dear friends, I wanted to share this opportunity with you and humbly ask if any of you might be able to help in raising these funds to provide for our dear sister.  Perhaps if there are some in your congregations or friends in your life that God has already placed a burden on for this need, would you be willing to ask and see if any might be able to help us to care for our sister? She is second year Bachelor of Theology program student. Thank you again for all your support and may our Lord bless each of you with the fullness of His Kingdom.

Love in Christ,
Isaac Nun Hmung

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