Swim Little Fish

One of my favorite over arching themes that we reinforce here at Love For Myanmar is the belief that sometimes children should just get to be children. We facilitate this through a number of programs in Austin and in Yangon but one of my favorite by far is our ‘Fun in the Sun’ pool days. Through creating child profiles for each child in an orphanage in our care we found that many of our children love the water but have never been swimming. We decided to host a day at local pools we reserved out for just our kids. Seeing the unabashed joy of a child swimming in a real pool for the first time is amazing. Being able to tell them that their only job while they are there is to play, and promising to play with them is even more special. We are trying to create memories for them that they will carry into adulthood. Memories that you and I may take for granted or think common place like the first time you saw a pristine blue swimming pool and got to jump in…..DSC04551

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