Why Love For Myanmar?

We officially formed our 501(c)3 organization under the name The Burma Connection in 2008.  Under this name we have fully supported five Christian orphanages, started a neighborhood learning center and three micro finance teams, worked with the Karen Refugees in the Austin, Texas area, and led mission teams into the country. It was also during this time we had to operate under the radar screen of the military junta who ruled the country.

The past few years have seen major positive changes happening in Myanmar starting with a democratic election in 2010.  As a result of these changes, we feel it is important to capitalize on the opportunity to better serve the people of Myanmar by securing our in-country INGO status.  To better legitimize ourselves in the eyes of the current government, we changed our name to ‘Love For Myanmar’.

Love For Myanmar is the same organization as The Burma Connection, with the same people that hold the same values.  Please join us in the transition and sharing our continued passion and support for the people of Myanmar.

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