They will know us

IMG_4334A few weeks ago Rachel Goad wrote a blog for us and talked about the Austin Refugees she works with in Austin. She ended the blog with an old hymn and one line has just been stuck in my mind every time I start working on Love For Myanmar ‘stuff’.

They will know us by our love

How fitting is that? They will know us by our love.

See, it is critically important to us the people that interact with us know who we are and Who we belong to not by our voice, but by our actions. It is right there in our name. It’s why we are a non-profit humanitarian aid organization and not a church. We LOVE the people we work with. We have been given a specific passion and a definite calling to be present in Myanmar and to share our love (which is only made perfect through the God we serve).

It is impossible to tell someone who God is while they are starving or homeless. While they are dirty and oppressed and struggling to survive walking in to a person’s reality with your clean clothes and your western luxuries and saying (even in your kindest voice) ‘God loves YOU’ is utterly pointless. It breeds contempt and loathing and does nothing to show a person hope.

The good news is we have a perfect biblical example of how to meet people where they are and just BE love. Christ does this repeatedly during his time on earth and shows us it is not our words that comfort and heal people. It’s our love.

They will know us by our love.

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