Get Involved

There are three important ways you can get involved with Love For Myanmar.

Please pray for direction, protection, and resources as we aggressively move forward in our community involvement in Myanmar.  Myanmar is a country struggling to transition from decades of internal oppression and isolation from the rest of the world.  Please pray for our refugees resettled into a culture that is totally foreign to them.  Navigating new laws and realities of living in the United States is challenging on their own.  Finally, pray for our key team members as we grow and change with the organization.  We have founders, board members, employees, volunteers, and interns that need prayers for patience, insight, and the ability to be good stewards of our organization's resources.

We cannot function without funding for our projects.  We have a variety of different programs that need funding, which you can read about in our ‘projects’ tab on this website.  At Love For Myanmar we make sure that your donation goes to the project you choose. Your donation makes a big difference in the lives of the Myanmar people.  No donation is too small!

Are you feeling called to volunteer your time and energy with Love For Myanmar?  If so, we have a place for you!  You might consider working with our team in Myanmar on a short or intermediate term basis; work with the refugees in the Austin, Texas area; or do research to help us better serve the Myanmar people.

If you are interested in volunteering, please contact us for a rewarding experience.